Start your migration in three easy steps


Identify and inventory your on-premises resources to plan where your Azure migration should start.


Migrate smarter and faster with flexible powerful tools—while ensuring minimal business impact.


Fine-tune your resources to strengthen security, improve performance and maximise your ROI.

Data Migration with VTIER

Bring enterprise-level data synchronization, replication, and migration to deployments on the cloud

Cloud Data Migrations

Move into the cloud or between your file shares

Data Tiering

Keep your data where it costs less until you need it the most

Data Archiving

Make sure important information gets stored properly

Data Lakes

Pool data where you need it most

Data Consolidation

Keep data stored in one place for higher efficiency

Data Collaboration

Have teams work together across the company

Data Protection

Stay safe while you transfer files and when they arrive at their destination

Big Data Analytics

Find out how to leverage the most valuable resource your company has: data

Service-level features without the added costs

Speed and Efficiency

Parallel processing makes Cloud Sync faster. Sync continuously and always keep large workloads up to date


Secure data storage and transport with support for VPN and VPC. Data never leaves your security boundaries—even as Cloud Sync transfers it

Seamless Transfers

Schedule automatic sync cycles when you want, and save time by only moving the deltas

Easy to Use

Cloud Sync is accessed and managed through an intuitive GUI that has tracking tools and alerting Or use RESTful APIs for easy automation

Cost Effective

Rates are based on usage, not on capacity

Service-based Solution

No need for in-house development and scripting