The VTIER platform is an ideal solution for scale-out NAS. VTIER allows the user to configure a wide spectrum of storage implementations including all SSD for highest performance, hybrid SSD and hard disk for mixed data workloads, and all hard disk for highest capacity implementations. VTIER Engine works independently of GLUSTER and performs all its operations on each node transparently.

With the ability to scale to 64 petabytes, VTIER is an ideal solution for big data workloads including private cloud storage, media storage and playback, and high performance computing (HPC).

Benefits of VTIER Scale-out Technology

Performance and Cost Benefits of VTIER Technology
VTIER Scale-out NAS gives you best of both worlds. It combines performance and Cost Benefits of VTIER appliance with High Availability GLUSTERFS. VTIER Engine works underneath block devices which are presented to create GLUSTERFS.

Massively Scalable NAS Solution
A VTIER scale-out NAS implementation can scale to 32 appliances and 64 petabytes of storage, which can be addressed as a single massive storage namespace. Beginning with a single appliance, VTIER allows the user to scale performance and/or capacity by adding more appliances or expansion chassis.

High Availability and Data Protection
VTIER platform provides the tools to ensure high data availability and granular smart replication at the storage volume and network share level.

Simple to Configure and Expand
The VTIER management platform is a powerful software suite that delivers best of class enterprise features from an intuitive user interface. The software is designed for the IT generalist making VTIER appliances easy to configure and manage. Storage volumes, network shares and storage pools can all by dynamically expanded with zero downtime so production is not impacted as workloads and appliances grow.